Our networking events were previously organised through Muslim Social & Networking Events, we have included a few of our testimonials below. To see full comments please visit our previous Facebook page Muslim Social & Networking Events.

Hi Team,

I just wanted to say thank you for delivering an excellent and fun event yesterday. It was my first event of this type yet it was very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The venue was very classy with a good ambience and the activities creative and fun. The 'icebreakers' were certainly well thought out.

I enjoyed the event, thanks for the useful tips Youssef, the great advice from Mo and overall the excellent event organisation from the lovely Rosie.

Good luck with your future endeavours.
The nerves you had when you start quickly go as you realise it's not as nerve racking as you had initially thought and, the organisers are very good at making it enjoyable.

Would I do it again? Yes.
Salaam Sister,

Congratulations on yesterday's event. It was a relaxed, comfortable environment to mingle with people. I really enjoyed myself and I felt the ice breakers were a cool way to make people feel at ease to talk to each other. The volunteers were really helpful and made me feel at ease. JazakaAllah and May Allah SWT bless your efforts.

Will definitely come to the next event. InshaAllah.

I attended your muslim social event yesterday. It was a pleasant experience that offered a chance to speak to a range of people. It was definitely worth going to, to help network.

Thank you for organising it.
Well organised event which I personally enjoyed. It was good to meet so many different women from varied backgrounds. The food was very nice especially the chilli chicken which I strongly recommend.

The hosts were very nice and hospitable easing all the participants fears and worries. Rosie and Yousf make a good double act!!

Hopefully the next part will be just as enjoyable!!
Hi team.

Thank you for organising the event. Whilst I don't have a Facebook account to make a posting I am happy for you to use the following

"I attended the first of the Muslim Social Event in Moseley, this was certainly a refreshing change to the traditional marriage event. It was clear from attending that substantial work and thought had gone into organising the event. The idea of professional setting, ice breakers, opportunity to meet and speak with different people at your own pace moves away from a restricted dating event."
Lovely event in a beautiful venue. Able to meet people of all backgrounds and ages.

Overall a great event.

I would like to say that I enjoyed going to Muslim Singles Event on Sunday and I loved the way the whole event was organised and structured. The event lived up to it's name and the games were very interesting and fun, whilst having the element of psychology to understand people.
Thank you, I will definitely share my good experience - credit where it is due
As with most things in life, doing something new can be terrifying and being my first time to a singles event was nervous to say the least.

Started of by having an orange juice, just to calm my nerves and cheekily check out the competition as well as a quick glance of possible matches.

After a while the lovely organisers give you a brief introduction about the company, with a few jokes and ice breakers thrown in to really calm you down and mingle before you then take a seat in front of your first judge.
Salaam team.

Thank you for making yesterday's event enjoyable and productive. Ma shaa Allah it was clear you had put a lot of thought and effort into it and it worked well!!
I must say the event was very well organised and unique - well done
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